​IN-Tents was originally created and performed in the city of Mumbai, India in 2010. The idea was to create a family oriented, educational piece of entertaining physical comedy enjoyable for all ages, especially children. Following its premiere, IN-Tents  toured India in 2010, offering performances and workshops for thousands of street children, pediatric cancer patients, students, and teachers. The project was conducted in collaboration with non-governmental organizations  in India. 

Since 2010, the project has travelled internationally and throughout the United States in conjunction with workshops for youth; The team has collaborated with international artists/theatre makers/educators from Canada, USA, and Egypt and has been invited to perform in top-tier international children's festivals, including The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Green Show in Ashland, USA and  the Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in Cairo, Egypt.



In April 2016, IN-Tents was invited for a weekend of performances at the Millibo Art Theatre (MAT), Colorado Springs, CO, USA as part of their"Family First' Series.


In March 2015, IN-Tents was selected by the US embassy in Cairo to be a part of AFCA's 5th annual Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in Cairo and Alexandria. The festival also included performances from Italy, France, the Netherlands, and the UK. The IN-Tents team also conducted concurrent workshops with Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt, local schools and community children in Cairo and Alexandria.

In April 2015, IN-Tents was invited to perform and conduct workshops with youth as part of the Northcoast Arts Integration Project at Eureka Public Schools in California, USA.


IN-Tents was featured at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon as a part of the Green Show. 


IN-Tents was invited to perform at Dell'Arte International in Blue Lake, California as a part of the annual summer Mad River Festival. 


In 2012, the IN-Tents project received funding from the Puffin Foundation and private donors  to perform the show in national and state parks across the United States. The IN-Tents project reached 1,500 kids and camping families across the United States, in partnership with national and state park systems of California, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, as well as the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association of Inyo National Forest, the Grand Canyon Trust, the Bureau of Land Management, among many others.
Venues Included:
Perigot Park, Blue Lake, CA 
Redwood State and National Parks, Humboldt County, CA, 
Including Elk Prairie, Mill Creek, and Jeddidah State Park
Spring Lake Regional Park, Sonoma County, CA
Mono Basin Scenic Area (Inyo National Forrest), CA
Mammoth Lakes Visitor Center (Inyo National Forest), CA 
The Desert Discovery Museum, Barstow, CA 
Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, AZ
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, AZ
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO 
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes park, CO  
Children’s Museum of Denver, CO
Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids, Boulder CO 


IN-Tents  offered performances and workshops  for thousands of street children, pediatric cancer patients, students, and teachers in India. The project was conducted in collaboration with the following organizations in Mumbai and Delhi: 
​Cancer Patients Aid Association, Radio Club, Colaba Mumbai
World Children Welfare Trust,  Bal Anand Center, Chembur, Mumbai and Umang Center, Karjat, Mumbai
Salaam Baalak Trust, Chowpatti & Dongri drop-in Centers, Mumbai
LTMG School for the Deaf, Wadala, Mumbai
Manzil NGO, Delhi
World Vision India, Constantia Hall, YWCA, Delhi
MIra Model School, Janakpuri
Happy Model School, Sharad Vihar
Gandhi Smriti, Delhi